15. March 2014

Well time runs fast and I haven`t had time to update these past weeks.

But - here he is...... Bastian, the teddy that arrived a month ago from Germany. 

He told me he wanted to keep his birth name, so there it is - Bastian.

He is manufactured in 2010 and is bought as mint. He was also called 'Der Nostalgie bär' and that fits well - he has that look and teinted plus a lillte hump in the back.


15. February 2014


A week ago the sweet little Steiff, Jackie Baby arrived via 'express zug aus Deutschland'.

Well, as you can see,  she is not the original from 1953, but still she has all the features allthough everything is somewhat tinyer.

I am sure she will bond very well with Sonny (below).


Furthermore I am awating another almost new Steiff teddy. He was baptised Bastian by the Steiffs but I will let him decide his name when he arrives in about a week.





















3. january 2014

Today my Eduard Cramer teddy, named  Rumble, arrived (se below).

Together with him he travelled with a companion - a little friend from Berlin. He is called Sonny and is almost one of a kind. The manufacturer is FAMOS - an almost unknown German company founded in 1925. He has no tags, but has been shown in a sales catalogue back then.

He is just so adorable and in a very good condition.










20. december 2013

Soon Christmas and some holidays will knock on my door.

Fortunately I found a wonderful Eduard Cramer bear and fortunately I found the cash to buy it!

But unfortunately we are away for some days so I won`t hear him knock on my door and won`t be able to welcome him before we get back from the holidays.

Meanwhile - here is a little thumbnail to watch until then.

















5. december 2013

Well it shouldn`t all be about bears- or should it?

Anyway, yesterday I discovered these magnificent creatures:

Ducks in wellies.

I wouldn`t let them in to the bears, but I wonder if I could find another

spot somewhere around the house.....




3. december 2013

The last of my Steiff-shopping, Sanne, arrived today. She is a Steiff Replica 1928 music bear made in 1992.

And really sweet - even though she stick up her sweet nose!

3 newer and a vintage Steiff - that empties any mans pockets, so it will take a while before new bears will arrive.












28. november 2013

Today my brand new mint Steiff bear arrived. There`s been some talking about his name.... His name? She is a little girl! And Lidi is her name. Actually I haven`t bought that many bears from a retail, untill now Hope was the only one. Some other mint bears, but never from a shop before. I am really looking forward to know her .

On top of that another Steiff, Allistair, arrived. He is adopted from Netherlands - and is almost deaf.











23. november 2013

A week ago Mickey arrived from Netherlands. He is a rather shy teddy but if you look at the other pics of this character you will see it only took him a couple of days before he felt at home.

The family we adopted him from called him by his name - and there`s no reason to change such a lovely name, na Mickey?

He is an ordinary 5-way-jointed Schuco (not a yes/no) and a real charmer. Even after all these years he can still growl and not a bit has been under the surgeons knife.
















19 november 2013

I have often wondered why there are so few old teddies for sale in Denmark (where I live).

Ok, I am not the most notorious flee- or garagesales-person, but now and then I have paid those a visit and to this day I haven`t seen an old and by far not an antique teddy anywhere. If one looks at the Danish on-line auctions you will be very lucky to find just a single one within  half a year. Ok, maybe a couple if you look at the well established antique augtions - but still just a few.


Where are they? Were they never bought? Did Danish kids never own a teddy bear? Or were they just allowed to play with them day and night untill nothing was left but a sad chewed ear?

Even new quality-collectors teddies are hard to buy - even from new. You may find a couple to choose from if you visit Illum or Magasin but else? The other day I looked in Hamley's shop at Tivoli just to recognize their Steiff stock consisted of soft toys only.

But I keep looking......



13.november 2013

Today Jimmy arrived from Teddybear-krankenhaus in Germany.

He is a 1950's Steiff teddy and I am sure he has a lot to tell us, not least about his journey to Denmark, stranded as he was in Frankfurt throughout the weekend. Glad he got his scarf with him, so he wouldn`t catch a cold in the transithall.

He has received a slightly makeover at the Krankenhaus, and from now I am sure he will be able to resist all troubles in the future.









to my teddy-site

So what do I have in mind?

Well, first of all my intention is to display the teddy bears I own - and along the way - intend to buy. They might have a story to tell or they would be new and crispy all waiting for the world to tell them.

But surely, I suppose other thoughts spinning around teddies and collecting those will turn up all along.



A bit about me:

Male, 61 years of age. I cannt recall ever owning a teddy bear as a child, so why the addiction?

I have always collected - something! Could be postcards, could be stamps, books, records,cd´s. So I am a collector. And why not collect these wonderful creatures. Their looks can melt down any grumpy old man and the thought of the tales those teddies might have told if they had a voice. Finally I also suppose the value of these bears weighted in gold coins more or less will keep up. I don`t regard my collection as an investment, but it doesn`t hurt if my bears still might present a value - not only in memories but also as assets.

As you will discover I now and then will buy a mint or near mint bruin, because those are magnificent too. I am not a millionaire, so maybe I should just stick to collecting one kind of bears, but really - I love them all.