Eduard Cramer teddy bear EDUCA early 1920's


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Eduar Cramer, EDUCA 1925 Germany
Size Tags Remarks
33 cm


8-10 % mohair

Type: Button-hole-mouth

New nose-and claw stitches

Date of arrival Adopted from  
29 october 2013

Moocow32,  UK, e-Bay










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Biography of Britton

Many tales could be told from when Britton was young and flew all over the landscapes of Western Europe, but he is a humble chap and it is not that often he opens his heart to bystanders.

However, we have learned from him, that he flew an Albatros under the wings of Der Luftwaffe and took out several balloons - and just once I heard him whisper to the gossip sisters  that he had met The Red Baron over France.

Anyway, today he is a loving og very sweet teddy whom everyone cares a lot for, and all the ladies goes starstruck of his little pout.




In generel

5-way jointed - all joints working ok. Light mohair, remains approx. 10 %.

On spite of wear the teddy is rather solid.



Mohair at stitches and on neck and ears - the rest is almost worn away. Something like a knot at the 'vertebral' - probably from fastening the eyes (repair ?). Nosestitches and mouth looks like restitched - like the original. Stuffed with kapok.



Non-working squeaker. Some moair at the joints. Stuffed with excelsior.


Firm legs and reasonable firm arms. Footpaws looks original and frontpaws are worn - the left almost totally. Clawstitches probably repaired



Poor of mohair, but otherwise a solid and firm teddy with a strong personality..