Steiff teddy bear 1920's


Manufacturer Year of fabrcation Country
Steiff 1920-1924  Germany
Size Tags Remarks
20 cm 'Knopf in Ohr' (4 mm)

75-80 % mohair

Everything is original.

Tiny moth hole on one pad.

Date of arrival Adopted from  
14. march 2009

Old puppets and bears, NL












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Biography of Effi

Petra and Poppet were so delighted when they discovered Effi now and then had performed as a circus clown. It seems they don`t recognize she might however be a little rusty as she`s getting nearer her 90th. birthday.

Anyway Charles and Konrad asked permission to let her move in at their shelf, which I obliged as there weren´t so much room anywhere else.

She`s a gorgeous little bear, so tiny and fragile and yet solid - as the years have spoken for. I am convinced she will enchant us all throughout the years to come.




In generel


5-way jointed - all ok. Cream mohair, remaining approximately 75-80 %.

Nice overall condition.



Everything looks original. Firm head, stuffed with kapok. 4 mm "knopf in Ohr"



Very firm/hard (Kapok.) Spots of baldness.



Very firm/hard (Kapok). Spots of baldness.



Very firm/hard (Kapok). Spots of baldness.