Merrythought teddy bear, late 1930's


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Merrythought Ultimo 1930's UK
Size Tags Remarks
27 cm

Embroidered  label on left foot

30 % mohair

A red spot on her forehead..

Date of arrival Adopted from  










Biography of Annie

Well, One might say she was sloppy and worn maybe even shabby. But I know that she is just a cute little bear, who has been well loved throughout the decades without affecting her charm and glow.

Still she radiates her buxomity and joy of life, country-bred as she is, up there in Northern Yorkshire.

Hard labour did never hurt anyone did it, she grunts.




In generel


5-way jointed  Golden Mohair, Mohair aprox.30 %.


.Almost all mohair is worn. Eyes fastened nicely in the neck. Scruffy. Stuffed with wood wool. Reddish stain at right eye-area.


Non-working squeaker. The tummy where the squeaker is situated is the most worn part.Rather firm kapok-filling..


Firm arms and legs. Pads seems original. Embroidered label on right foot. All claw-stitchings seems original.



Poor of mohair, but besides that a very solid and firm teddy, who simply radiates.