Chad Valley teddy bear, 1930's


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Chad Valley (Magna) 1930's UK
Size Tags Remarks
30 cm


15 % mohair

Squeaker works

Date of arrival Adopted from  
7. february 2009

Marrovi, e-bay









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Biography of Bazzer

His real name is surely not Bazzer but he wants to stay inkognito around here with all his new friends. He has just arrived as part of a witnessprotectionprogramme.
Leeds, Lord of Crimes - that`s all I can say!

Originally his looks were somewhat different, but some kids succeeded in making him unrecognisable and we just hope he can have a peaceful life here in a safe environment.




In generel


5-way jointed. Golden Mohair, rest approx. 15 %



Probably repaired the snoutstitches. Eyes look original. Firm head, stuffed with wood wool.



The Belly, where the squeaker is placed is the most threadbare. A 1 mm yellow thread pulls out in the back which might indicate the teddy has been opened.Body is still stuffed firmly with kapok..



Firm arms and legs. The pads look like the originals, but almost look to good to be thrue. There are reamins of an alleged label. I doubt it is thrue as the pads should be original then.



Short of Mohair, but beside that a very solid and firm teddy who still has an intact squeaker