Knickerbocker teddy bear, 1930's


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Knickerbocker 1930's USA
Size Tags Remarks
43 cm


90 % mohair.

Everything is original.

Very fine condition.

One ear repaired.

Date of arrival Adopted from  
24. august 2003

Rachel van der Erden

Blue Ribbon, UK












Biography of Ella

Ella arrived to us from USA. She had had it.

Enough of this fêted life she celebrated in Vegas. All she wanted now was some quiet and peaceful life.

She has not quite succeeded, because she has been put amongst all those gossip-backs, who rather often are envious of her still beautiful complexion - natural or not.

She hasn`t quite put her old life behind her, as every year at the Summers-fête she conquer the scene captivating everyone as the "Star of the Night".




In generel


5-way jointed. Extremely fine condition. Mohair retains aprox.95 %. Cleaned



The ear-sewings is repaired. Repaired scratches in the ears. Might be the snoutstitches aren`t original.



Hardly no remarks - perfect condition.



Joints almost firm. All pads are original or very professionelly replaced.



Only that she is a extremely well-preserved bear - and almost tidied up a little too much.