After the end of World War 1 and during the twenties  the English bears gained ground. Apart from the earlier mentioned  manufacturers new firms such as Merrythought, Pedigree og Ealontoys were Established.

In the American market most of the originally firms had ceased to produce but a few new surfaced, such as Knickerbocker.

New materials were developed and used e.g. the filling was replaced with a lighter material - kapok, a natural common cottonwool product and in stead of Mohair Rayon was used for less expensive teddy bears.

During this period of time the many novelty bears were especially popular e.g. the German firms Schuco`s Yes/No teddy; musical teddies og teddies with an open mouth. Additionally the years generated well known bears such as Winnie the Pooh and Rupert, which is not that wellknown in Denmark. In the late thirties the first panda-bear was brought to Europe and this gave rise to a production of black and white bears in the years to come.