Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country


(When boutht, I was told it would probably

be a BMC (Bruin) - but I doubt it.

1920's Probably USA
Size Tags Remarks
53 cm


65 % mohair

Pads replaced

Date of arrival Adopted from  
27 october 2003

Rachel van der Erden,

Blue Ribbon,  UK












(see more pictures in photogalleri) 


Biography of Jasper

Internet, Cellphones and only God knows what kinda Gadgets they invent. Really, what use are they for, Jasper only thinks.

Old Scool, the Matriarch, who apparently is no longer aware his Generation is unmoded.


Nevertheless - stout as he appears we just love him for what he is - and was.

Kisses to you, Jasper! And now, take care of our money, please.




In generel


5-way jointed. Golden Mohair, aprox. ca. 60 % left.


Firm head, stuffed with wood wool. Everything seems original, though I am a little in doubt regarding the eyes.



Non-working growler. Quite sure the filling is wood wool. Very firm.


Loose legs. The pads are probably replaced though it is a long time ago - fit excelent. Some replacementstitches have been made in the lower legs, which - just as the arms - are very firm.



Despite the mohair loss and loose legs it is a very solid teddy.