Knickerbocker teddy bear, 1930-35


Manufacturer FYear of fabrication Country
Knickerbocker 1930 - 1935 USA
Size Tags Remarks
51 cm


90 % mohair.

Everything is original.

Very fine condition,

though a bit loose joints.

Date of arrival Adopted from  
13. july 2003

Sandypaw Bears, USA













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Biography of Lorraine

Lorraine, our barmy auntie from Nevada.

Might be it is true, when she tells us she has been adopted by Aliens, even it might just be she is a little confused due to the flight by US-Airmail.

At any rate she talks a lot and I mean a lot, of longlimbed creatures with luminous eyes and even if we try to tell her that such teddies do exist, she insists she has been prized open and that 'those monsters did something to me inside'.

Anyway, she is a relative to Ella, allthough neither seems to indulge in the next-of-kin-subject.




In generel


5-way jointed. Well preserved. Mohair aprox. 85 %



Almost all mohair worn from the muzzle.Everything is original.



Beside the muzzle it is primarily at the lower back the mohair is missing. No further remarks..



Joints a little loose (as usual). All pads are original.



Wonderful, solid and fair teddy with hardly no errors