Schuco teddy bear, early 1930's


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Schuco 1930's Germany
Size Tags Remarks
40 cm


10 % mohair

Everything is original.

Can stand.

Wood wool, glasseyes

Though a bit weak, the growler still functions


Date of arrival Adopted from  
15. november 2013

hoedt2008, Germany, e-Bay












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Biography of Mickey

There were days when Mickey drank champagne and rye on the rocks. Those were the days when he thought he would be nominated for an Oscar. And those were the days when he fell in love for the first time. With an Hollywod actress off course (I have promised not to say who!).

But those days are over. Now Mickey just enjoys life as it comes. Nothing seems to challenge him. Nothing worries him. He really knows how to relax and enjoy the moment.




In generel


Solid teddy, though far from mint. Mohair remains approx. 10-15 %. Lacks a bit stuffing around the joints.



Everything original. Except for some missing stitches to nose and mouth it seems there are no other 

flaws. Wood wool stuffed.


Growler is working, though weak, but where it sits it feels like a hole - or unstuffed place under the cloth. Wood wool stuffed.

Everything original..


Fine condition all over - with stitches. Joints a bit loose, especially the arms, but the leg-joints are firm enough to make him able to stand on his flat soles.



Lovely teddy - a bit loose, but a character all the way.