Miss Elly

Atlanta Playthings teddy bear, 1930-35


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country

Probably Atlanta Playthiings

(p. 29 i Yenke's Treasures vol 2).

1930-1935 Probably USA
Size Tags Remarks
41 cm


75 % mohair

Loose joints

Date of arrival Adopted from  
28 october 2003

Rachel van der Erden,

Blue Ribbon, UK











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Biography of Miss Elly

Miss Elly was rescued from some grim cola-selling kingpins who after having made the poor creature addicted, wanted her featured in their next commercial campaign.

Today she is a happy bruin, enjoying life together with all her friends. You won`t hardly notice that she has had a grim adolescence. However, one should still be aware when tv broadcast commercials, as alone the jingles can cause abstinencesymptons.




In generel


5-way jointed. Good condition. Mohair aprox. 85 %.


There is a little dent in the neck - maybe where someone has tried to fasten the eyes - and in that case the eyes won`t be the originals.  It is mostly in the head the mohair is missing. Beside this no errors.



.It seems like the back has been opened and sewed together again - in a nice manner. No errors.



Arm-joints a little loose. Legs and head very loose. All pads seems original.



A sweet, kind of different teddy without any major errors.