Eduard Cramer, EDUCA teddy bear, early 1920's


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Eduar Cramer (EDUCA) Early 1920's Germany
Size Tags Remarks
32 cm


85 % mohair

Everything is original except for partially replaced patches on soles.

Growler still working - though weak..

Date of arrival Adopted from  
3 january 2014

Teddy tears, Germany (Ruby Lane)










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 Biography of Rumble

After a couple of months Rumble still seems rather perplexed.

I will give it to him - who wouldn`t? Having spent most of his life in Berlin in a cosy apartment near Brandenburger Tor listening to magnificient music from Schubert and Wagner and more or less never had to earn a living it certainly may be pure mayhem to be put in a box in the middle of the night not knowing what was going on. Next few days to sit in darkness in some cold postoffice, and finally one morning find himself being stared at by some blueeyed monster. (that is me). and a bunch of yabbing and howling kindred spirits. And an afterthought....... kindred spirits! - well most are jesters, criminals and other sorts of misfits so.... I don`t really know.

Well that was his first thoughts he told me, but now - after 2 month he honestly feels he belongs here.

Rumble quote:'They have all been so kind to me,and I even discovered that one of my family members live here as well '. Britton off course.




In generel


Regarding age he is in very good condition.

98 % Mohair remains.


Except for a slightly lack og mohair on the snout everything is perfect and original.

Woodwool stuffing.



Everything fine. Still functionel growler - allthough weak..

Woodwool stuffing.


gJoints work well. Some wear on frontpads (felt) and even more wear on footpads. Some replacement have been made professionally to the footpads.



Wonderful long-armed teddy in very good condition.