Chad Valley (Magna) teddy bear, late 1930's


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Chad Valley (Magna) 1930-1937 UK
Size Tags Remarks
50 cm

Sewn label on left foot

(red on white)

95 % mohair

Squeaker works weakly

Perfect condition

Date of arrival Adopted from  
15. march 2009

Dottybear, UK, e-bay










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Biography of Siobhan

It is a pleasure to have Siobhan in the cabinet. Well-liked by everyone, happy and positive she takes her time to talk and listen and now and then it happens she will give you a hug.

Regarding talking however it requieres you know exactly where to push into her tummy - otherwise she remains silent.

English by origin she carries a Scottish name which is due to her ancestors, somehow connected to Bonnie the Prince up there in the Highlands.

Since Prins Charles has arrived she has become even more pigheaded, this little honey. But at least she does possess a fine dress and a pearl necklace.




In generel


5-way jointed. Golden mohair, remaons approx.95 %. Softer stuffed than most - probable due to the subfilling.


.Perfect condition. Minimal hairloss at right eye. Everything looks original. Stuffed with kapok and excelsior.


Almost non-working squeaker.The hairloss er almost only at the tummy - where the squeaker are placed. Stuffed with sub and excelsior..


Solid arms and legs (though softer than most). Paws and stitches are original. Printet label on left foot (red on white).



Super condition and a very adorable teddy.