Chad Valley Tubby teddy bear


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Chad Valley (Tubby) 1925 UK
Size Tags Remarks
37 cm

Sewn label on right foot.

(red on white)

15-20 % mohair

Everything is original.

A couple of small holes.

The cardboard on one foot shows through the pad.

All in all a solid teddy.

Date of arrival Adopted from  
15. march  2009

All You can Bear, UK












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Biography of Willie

Many years ago Willie, who was the eldest out of 7 siblings, was educated into cirkusartistery. And it was quite easy for him, as he had tinkers blood running in his veins.

Unfortunately his entire family perished at an train accident, when their horsecarriage rolled across the traintracks. Here Willie was standing, all alone - with a horsecarriage in a wood close to the railroad. We don`t know much of his life later on, just that he feels most comfortable out in the nature, though he is okay with all the other bears as well.



In generel

3-way jointed. Straight legs. Threadbare but still solid.

Mohair approx. 20 %.



Tiny hole under the snout. Everything original.



Has been sewn together in the back. Little hole in the left side. 2 stains in the right side.


Joints a little loose off course. All pads are original.

In the left foot paw the cardboard-linen has split the pad.



Label on the left foot pad. Overall a great solid character.