Chiltern teddy bear Hug-me, appr. 1952


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Chiltern (hug-me) Approx. 1952 UK
Size Tags Remarks
38 cm


95 % mohair

Very good condition

Date of arrival Adopted from  
21. november 2004

Pebblebeachbears, Brighton, UK, e-bay









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Biography of Blaze

He thinks of himself as a Executive Coach in the closet. And sure, if he looks long enough a bewildered bird might receive his well-intentioned advices.

But wise he is, like when we requested who had nicked from the biscuit tin and he just sat there, mute glazing all over all the other bruins.

Actually he might have earned some more respect - and well, handsome he is, you cannot take that away.




In generel


5-way jointed. Caramel mohair, remains approx. 96 %. Very good condition.



Everything seems original and without any fur loss.



A hairless spot below the arm and minimal hair loss along the tummy seam. Stuffed with sub and wood wool -relatively soft..


Firm arms and legs. Paws, made of velvet and stitches are original and in godd condition. Two tiny holes on right frontpaw. Original inlays in the feet, but the stitches on the feet are missing.



Typical Chiltern in very good condition.