Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Chiltern (hug-me) Ultimo 1940's UK
Size Tags Remarks
39 cm


85 % mohair

Butterfly sewn into bear

Date of arrival Adopted from  
October 2013

Vintagetoyshop,  e-bay









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Biography of Cohen

Always the first at the sink every morning. Place the butterfly and after swallowing some coffee, jumping to the tasks of the day. And there are lots to do for the little bookkeeper. Some dozens of teddies do eat and drink a lot. Some must have their newspaper and others clean nappies - every day one must keep records with in- and outgoing cash. The Chief, Jasper, must be able to have a peaceful nights sleep not fearing that the gossip will be including him.




In generel


5-way jointed. Golden Mohair, approx. 95 %. Overall in very fine condition.


.Everything looks original, allthough 2 threads are visible in the back of the head. Might origin from a repair of the eyes. Firm head, stuffed with kapok.


The tummy where the non-working squeaker rests appears slightly loose, but apart from this everything are in a fine original condition. Body stuffed with wood-wool.



Firm arms and legs. Paws and stitches seems original.



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