Merrythought teddy bear, 1950's


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Merrythought Approx. 1950 UK
Size Tags Remarks
34 cm

Printed label on foot

65 % mohair


Date of arrival Adopted from  
4. may 2009

Loveyoubears, UK,  e-bay









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Biography of Humphrey

For quite a few years Humphrey was put away in a dark and dusty attick in an English semidetached.

This was not what he had imagined when he lay in the craddle next to his sister, but all the same - that was his life for a long time.

So when he finally got out he licked the light and the sun - and he never got into the house until the sun disapeared behind the green hills.

This are some years ago and more or less he has caught up on the need for sunlight, allthough he still sits in the front of the cabinet.

And to protect him a little from the sun he always wears his tricot.




In generel


5-way jointed. Cream Mohair, remains ca. 50 %.


.Most mohairloss in the head. Eyes, mouth and nose looks original. One stitch at the nose is loose. Eyes fastened in the neck (repair ?) Stuffed with kapok/excelsior.



.Non-working squeaker.Fair mohair coverage. Stuffed with sub/woodwool.


Firm arms and legs. Paws looks original. Webstitches on one paw. Remaining clawstiches looks original. Printed label on left foot.



1945-1956 (printed label.) Sweet face.