Steiff teddy bear, 1950's


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Steiff 1950's Germany
Size Tags Remarks
42 cm


80 % mohair

Date of arrival Adopted from  
8, november 2013

Teddybearkrankenhaus, Germany








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Biography of Jimmy

Jimmy spent some time at the hospital when he had to get replacement footpads and new stitches for claws. All this wouldn`t have happened if only this stupid racoon had stayed away from the ski jump. You see, Jimmy was a ski jumper and one day when he trained for the olympics out of nowhere a racoon had camped in the middle of the track - and that was it - Jimmy lay there and could hardly move, but he fell lucky and after a few replacements he could look for another place to stay instead of the hospital.

He has been visiting us for some time, but we cannot accomodate him, as we are out of space, so for now he lives in the closet.

And well....... he is not amused!

Anyway, we serve him food and beverage on daily basis, and spent quite some time to find another cabinet to him.




In generel


Very good condition. 97 % mohair and no flaws at all (though a few replacements)



A lillte hairloss on one ear and seam. Everything else is flawless and original. No button.



.Everything is fine. Very sensitive growler.



Joints work fine. Footpads/soles replaced professionally. A bit hairloss on both feet.



Wonderful bear with personality. Solid.