Chiltern hug-me teddy bear, early 1950's


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Chiltern (hug-me) 1950's UK
Size Tags Remarks
28 cm


92 % mohair

Black spot (or thread) on chin.

Date of arrival Adopted from  
9. november 2004

Pebblebeachbears, Brighton, UK, e-bay









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Biography of Poppet

Once Houdini was one of Poppet`s friends, which he is no more. At stage in Detroit Houdini had just spirited Poppet away where upon he fell over - dead.

A rather sad story, because allthough Poppet enjoys her retirement amongst friends she still has a feeling that she actually soon should make an appearance out of a hat, after which she could strip this bloody cape. But she won`t put it away, because you never knows now do you.....?




In generel


5-way jointed. Caramel mohair, remains approx. 85 %. Overall in good condition.



Hairloss in forehead and a little behind and beneath the ears. Nose-stitches seem non-profesionally done and ended with a knot looking like a mole. Stuffed with kapok.



Working squeaker. The tummy, where the squeaker are placed is somewhat worn. Stuffed with sub and wood wool..


Firm arms and legs. The paws are original - made og velvet - and the stitches partly present - especially on the front paws. Inlay in the feet paws. All joints work excelent.



A solid teddy without major flaws.