Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Pedigree 1950 - 1954 UK
Size Tags Remarks
46 cm


50 % mohair


Date of arrival Adopted from  
30. October 2003

Stephsbears, Surrey, UK, e-bay, e-bay









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Biography of Rasmus

Whether it is due to his seating mostly next to Ella I don`t know, but Rasmus is a very shy teddy. He wouldn`t hurt a flee and has major problems just to talk to the girliebears.

When he moved in at our place several weeks went by without him saying a word. Might be because he cannot speak a word of Danish?

But he is improving - last summer he even danced some squaredance with Bridget, who is in the loandepartment.




In generel


5-way jointed. Golden mohair, remains ca. 60 %, Good condition, allthough with some repairs.



Partly mohair loss. Stuffed with sub. Nose-stitches are non-profesionel.



Firm. Expanded mohair loss on the body. Stuffed with sub and wood wool. Maybe restuffed later as there are some non-professionel stitches in the backseam..



Joints work fine. Pads are original made og velveteen and in rather good condition



Rather thinned mohair. Very sweet look.