Chiltern teddy bear, late 1940's


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Chiltern (hug-me, flat face) Ultimo 1940's UK
Size Tags Remarks
44 cm


70 % mohair

Joints slightly wobling.

Date of arrival KAdopted from  
12. july 2003

Bearsync, UK, e-bay









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Biography of Terry

'Ratface' was the word that slipped the cop`s mouth when Terry had caught hold of his backside with its teeth.

But no, Terry is NOT a dog even though his earlier behaviour might indicate this. Understandibly he isn`t particularily well-liked by lawenforcements, but it cannot prevent him from being one of the most beloved and loyal friends one can have in the pit. At least both Bazzer and Miss Elly keep close contact to him.



In generel


5-way jointed. Golden Mohair, remains approx. 70 %. Good overall condition.


Mohairloss along the left seam in the neck. A hole at the back of left ear. Stuffed with kapok. Nose stitches probably repaired.



Non-working tilter. Somewhat worn at the middle of the tummy. Rather firm wood wool.


Firm arms and legs. The latter with flat mohair due he has sat a lot. Priginal rexine-pads, worn but without holes.  Most stitches are still at present on front paws as well as leg paws. Stuffed with wood wool.



In generel rather good condition, allthough the head- and leg-joints are a bit wobbling.