Chiltern ting-a-ling teddy bear, 1950's


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Chiltern (Ting-a-ling) Approx. 1950 UK
Size Tags Remarks
28 cm


70 % mohair

Date of arrival Adopted from  
October 2013

Glitterbugball, UK, e-bay








(see more pictures in the photogallery) 


Biography of Tim

Recently when Tim arrived there was quite a stir amongst the circus-folks, which include Petra, Effie og Poppet. And honestly one could understand that because even before he had put on his clothes they hung around glaring like teenagers.Not only had Poppet been in love with him in her not-so-old-days - she even remembered the tasty pancakes he made her- but Effi had once seen him doing his canon-ball-stunt while he toured with Astra`s Flying Circus, and ever since she had fret because she never got his autograph.

But hey, now she would get it!




In generel


5-way jointed. Light Mohair, approx. 70 %.



A couple bare spots in the neck. Stuffing: kapok. Missing the stitches for the mouth.



Non-working ting-a-ling. The tummy, where the mechanism is placed er most worn. Rather firm kapok..


Firm arms and legs. Paws are original velveteen - though  slightly worn. Remaining stitches for claws looks original.



In general rather fine condition. Firm and all joints work well.