Holstebro bamse, teddy bear, 1950's


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Holstebro 1950's Denmark
Size Tags Remarks
55 cm


85 % mohair

Pads likely replaced

Date of arrival Adopted from  
5. july 2003

Lyngby, Denmark, QXL









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Biography of Verner

Verner is an ethnic Dane, originates from Jutland - the Holstebro region - ,but he grew up near Ringsted. Nothing much can impress this fella after having helped labouring hundreds af calves and yet more piggies into this world.

Still, now and then we notice the poorly hidden glances directed towards Hopes, the darling of the display cabinet. So still something can move him. Maybe he can still charm some little bears merely by his size.




In generel


5-way jointed. Golden Mohair, remains approx. 98 %.


One little hairless spot. Everything original. Left part of mouthstitching is almost missing.Stuffed with excelsior.



Firm. Everything okay..



Firm arms and legs. Paws looks original. All stitches original and intact. Stuffed with excelsior.



Almost flawless teddy. Even all mohair is present, it is a little flat though.