Steiff teddy bear 1967


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Steiff Approx. 1967 Germany
Size Tags Remarks
35 cm

'Knopf in Ohr'

97 % mohair

Date of arrival Adopted from  
3. may 2009

MC27, UK, e-bay








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Biography of Boo

Maybe Boo didn`t trawl the Seven Seas, but The Caribeans he knows in and out.

As a ship’s boy he went from Hamburg to the coasts of Africa with a merchants ship. But on the first journey he was taken prisoner by some pirates and was offered a job as ship’s boy with Blackbeard’ s cousin.

So he sailed to Haiti, met this cousin, and all his seafarers, of which he didn`t understand a word. But soon it stood very clear how those guys made a living………

But that was ages ago. After a few years he deserted, told the English admiral all he knew and was pardoned for all his deeds .

He now enjoys his retirement, telling pirate stories to whoever will listen – and if they bring him a bit of a rum to his hipflask, he won`t argue.




In generel


5-way jointed. Caramel Mohair/plush?, aprox. 97 % left.



Mohair-loss primarily on left ear, which also shows one or two small stains. Firm head.



Growler in tummy. Rather firm kapok or foam. Stitches in the front a little loose.



Everything ok.



A little thinned mohair/plush. Growler is working. Humpback