Harry Rag


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Chiltern (hug-me) Approx. 1960 UK
Size Tags Remarks
36 cm


5 % mohair

Moulded nose.

Yeahh, he`s a rag!

Date of arrival Adopted from  
Juni 2007

Edinburgh (antiqueshop)










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Biography of Harry Rag

I have seen much older teddies with a lot more mohair.Still, some people loose their hair earlier than others as well.

Maybe he has just been patted more than most, maybe he has been bathed in Head & Shoulders day in and day out or as he claims himself that he had to have it removed because of dustallergy.

Only it is weird that he sits rubbing shoulders with Hope - Hope with her complete and delicious fur.




In generel


5-way jointed. Probably once caramel coloured mohair, but left is only 3-4 %, so I guess this dear teddy may be appraised as of poor quality though some parts are ok.


.Almost all mohair has gone. Smudged. Moulded snout. Probably homemade stitches for the mouth. Stuffed with sub and wood wool. The outside of the right ear has loosened.



Non-working squeaker. Stuffed with sub and wood wool - but appears rather loose.


Firm arms and legs. The paws are the original rexinepads. Left paw is almost worn away and the sub-filling is visible. Other paws are worn but complete. There are no visible claw-stitches. Arms- and leg-joints are firm.



Well.. A rather poor cindition, but anything has his own charm.