The sixties were characterised by increasing living standards in the Western World. In return the birth rates were severely dropping so even though the prosperity was increasing it didn`t show in the buttomline in the well established firms.  That was a result of the East beginning to produce  teddies - lots of teddies, and cheap teddies that is, often manufactured by Western manufacturers which had placed their plants where labour were cheaper.  This involved at e.g. Chiltern, Chad Valley, Farnell og Schuco had to close down and new firms starting a downright mass production were established by trade marks such as Russ berrie and Dakin.

Due to the oil crisis a trend of finding all the old bears from the attick and basements was beginning to take hold. A few people maybe even tried to make bears themselves and in the late seventies the manufacturer Ideal made a ="More or less a copy of an earlier produced bear" replica bear on the occasion of the teddy bears 75. th Anniversary. That would be the signal for the teddy bear production seriously to be divided partly into a production of more expensive collector-bears and partly a production for the everyday use - primarily for kids.