Chad Valley teddy bear 1960-63


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Chad Valley 1960-1963 UK
Size Tags Remarks
25 cm

Label beneath the arm

92 % mohair

Head a litle loose

Date of arrival Adopted from  
October 2013

Diane 27767, UK, e-bay









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Biography of Lilly

I have seen pictures of Lilly.

But those didn`t look like a furball – like our Lilly.

I know she can change ID, and to tell you the truth, we really don`t know who she is. One day she sits in the cabinet, another day we find her dozing in the windowsill amongst the plants, and once we couldn`t even find her. She was gone for 3 days.

She has her ways…. Mysterious ways. She tells you her name is Lilly, untill she find it more suitable to call herself Johanna, or Mata Hari or even 008.

Do we have a spy in our cabinet?

I can tell you, Bazzer doesn`t feel comfortable.




In generel


5-way jointed. Light golden Mohair, remains ca. 98 %.



Everything is original and in very good condition.Apparently stuffed with kapok. Head is wobbling a bit.


Everything ok. Label fastened under the arm: "Hyginic toys; Made in England; Chad Valley co. ltd.". Excelsior..



Firm arms and legs. Excelsior. Everything original. Paws are velveteen.



Sweet little teddy in very good condition.