Manufactrer Year of fabrication Country
Deans Approx. 1965 UK
Size Tags Remarks
36 cm

Label sewn into the sideseam

 65 % mohair

Smudged in the forehead.

Date of arrival Adopted from  
October 2013

Stephensbear, UK, e-bay









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Biography of Pusle

Quite prompt Pusle came to terms in the pookie-department - the one with all the small teddies. Maybe because noone else felt like adapting to whimpering, drooling and noisy kids and a couple of former circus-'stars'. But it might also be because she had earlier been employed at a summercamp, where she had dealt and cared for all the students who had failed termins throughout the year. And now - well.. now she was dumped here.

And really, it suited her quite fine - here noone bothered with her lack of hair care; that is though - now and then the gal called Bonnie Lass passed by and made allusions - and now and then a bit more!




In generel


5-way jointed. Golden Mohair, remains ca. 65 %. Forehead very smudges.


All mohair in forehead worn away and forementioned is very smudged (fat?) Nose and mouth unproffesionally repaired. Eyes are original Stuffed with sub?.


Non-working squeaker. Lacking som filling in the uppertorso. Stuffed with sub(excelsior?). Label sewn into right seam: 'Childsplay Toys/ Deans Reg Book co. Ltd.'.


Stuffing in the legs are probably sub but still rather firm legs. Stuffind i upper part of the arms has dropped a bit downwards, but are nevertheless oaky. Paws seem original (velveteen) - legs as well as arms.


Because of the smudged forehead the teddy looks dirty, but all in all she is in good condition. If you catch her in the right angle her looks is very sweet.