Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Robin Rive 1994 New Zealand
Size Tags Remarks
28 cm

Label sewn into back. Print on right foot.

4 swingtags, Limited: 249/2000. 21st birthday.

100 % mohair


Date of arrival Adopted from  
22. july 2003

Avenue 100, UK, e-bay









(see more pictures in the photogalley 2)


 Biography of Nigel

Bold as brass and lively as a flea what else can pious Liza want. Loads of working material to consume!

He is in his elements and endlessly he moves from shelf to shelf. Rarely he settles until late night when in return he enjoys to lie and listen to the old bears telling old cock-and-bull stories from the places they lived. Especially he is attracted to Terry`s and Bazzer`s tales, even though it often keeps him awake until long after they ended their tales and had fallen asleep.




In generel


5-way jointed. Brown mohair, remains 99,5 %. In very good condition.



Everything is original. Firm sub/cotton stuffing.



.Everything is original. Firm sub/cotton stuffing.


Sewn label in the back and printed 'Robin Rive' on right foot-pad. One swingtag on left arm. Another swingtag: 'Bearleigh'. Another swingtag: 'Certifikat:' Bearleigh-21 Birthday-Limited edition-249/2000'


Adorable sweet, little and very well maintained teddy.

Supposed to have a little worn look.