Steiff 'Bose' teddy bear, 2007


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Steiff (EAN 992049) 2007 Germany
Size Tags Remarks
29 cm

'Knopf in Ohr' and label (limited 7167/10.000).

Bose limited edition.

No certificate.

100 % mohair

As new


Date of arrival Adopted from  
28.november 2013

Kalender_girl, Netherlands, e-Bay










(see more pictures in the photogallery 2)



Biography of Allistair

Originally he is German, but most of his childhood and teenage years he lived in Scotland, until one day he got a job at the Bose hi-fi equipment-factory where he was employed as a test-person. Day in and day out he listened to high frequences and low frequences and up and down his life went. So as a result there are some frequences he cannot perceive. But that is not all bad. He still recognize 'Give us a hug' or 'honey coming'.




In generel


5-way jointed. chocolate coloured mohair, remains 100 %. In very good condition.



Everything original- Firmly stuffed with wool. Button and label ok.



Everything original- Firmly stuffed with wool..



Everything original- Firmly stuffed with wool.



Bose limited edition