Danny Boy


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Robin Rive 2000 New Zealand
Size Tags Remarks
38 cm

Label sewn into back. Print on right foot.

3 swingtags, Limited: 36/200.

100 % mohair



Date of arrival Adopted from  
3. august 2003

Scarlet's team, Switzerland, e-bay










(see more pictures in the photogallery 2) 


Biography of Danny Boy

Danny og Sheila are siblings from the other side of the Globe. Where they have venomous snakes, crocodiles, redbacks and all sorts of dangerous creepy-crawly. But Danny Boy only laughs at that and immediately starts telling about the many  hunting jaunts he and his friends made in his teens.

When he and Sheila moved in we spent a lot of time to  make him realize that there was no room for neither stuffed crocodiles nor his little scorpio in a glass case, that he wanted to bring with  him.




In generel


5-way jointed. Caramel (grey-brown) mohair, remains 100 %. Mint.



Everything original . Firmly stuffed with wool.



Everything original . Firmly stuffed with wool.


Sewn label in the back and print on right food-pad. 2 swingtags in the label and 1 swingtag around the neck (Limited 36/200).



Adorable sweet and wearing his original vest and butterfly, original dress.