Hermann teddy bear, greenleaves, 2000


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Hermann  (Green Leaves) 2000 Germany
Size Tags Remarks
34 cm

Swing tag.

Button into the neck..

Label sewn into sideseam.

100 % mohair


9 years bear



Date of arrival Adopted from  
6 july 2003

Teddiesplus, UK, e-bay












(see more pictures in the photogallery 2) 


Biography of Petra

If you, in the middle of the night, passes the display cabinet you will occasionally be able to hear whispering from Petra and Poppet. And if you listen carefully, you will notice it is about clowns, magicians and circus princesses - because that is what Petra was - a circus princess.

The famous stages in Moscow and Peking were her playground where she swung in the trapezes and where she earlier received standing ovations and flowers én masse .

Now she is content with swinging a little to Count basie usually together with Danny Boy.




In generel


5-way jointed. Near mint (might be slightly cleansed).








Mint. Sewn label: 'Hermann Jahresbär 2000'. Button placed in the back of head. Swingtag placed into breast. Swingtag around the neck ('Green Leaves' - Limitiert.



Everything in perfect/mint condition.