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5. december 2013

Well it shouldn`t all be about bears- or should it?

Anyway, yesterday I discovered these magnificent creatures:

Ducks in wellies.

I wouldn`t let them in to the bears, but I wonder if I could find another

spot somewhere around the house.....




3. december 2013

The last of my Steiff-shopping, Sanne, arrived today. She is a Steiff Replica 1928 music bear made in 1992.

And really sweet - even though she stick up her sweet nose!

3 newer and a vintage Steiff - that empties any mans pockets, so it will take a while before new bears will arrive.













28. november 2013

Today my brand new mint Steiff bear arrived. There`s been some talking about his name.... His name? She is a little girl! And Lidi is her name. Actually I haven`t bought that many bears from a retail, untill now Hope was the only one. Some other mint bears, but never from a shop before. I am really looking forward to know her .

On top of that another Steiff, Allistair, arrived. He is adopted from Netherlands - and is almost deaf.












23. november 2013

A week ago Mickey arrived from Netherlands. He is a rather shy teddy but if you look at the other pics of this character you will see it only took him a couple of days before he felt at home.

The family we adopted him from called him by his name - and there`s no reason to change such a lovely name, na Mickey?

He is an ordinary 5-way-jointed Schuco (not a yes/no) and a real charmer. Even after all these years he can still growl and not a bit has been under the surgeons knife.
















19 november 2013

I have often wondered why there are so few old teddies for sale in Denmark (where I live).

Ok, I am not the most notorious flee- or garagesales-person, but now and then I have paid those a visit and to this day I haven`t seen an old and by far not an antique teddy anywhere. If one looks at the Danish on-line auctions you will be very lucky to find just a single one within half a year. Ok, maybe a couple if you look at the well established antique augtions - but still just a few.


Where are they? Were they never bought? Did Danish kids never own a teddy bear? Or were they just allowed to play with them day and night untill nothing was left but a sad chewed ear?

Even new quality-collectors teddies are hard to buy - even from new. You may find a couple to choose from if you visit Illum or Magasin but else? The other day I looked in Hamley's shop at Tivoli just to recognize their Steiff stock consisted of soft toys only.

But I keep looking......




13.november 2013

Today Jimmy arrived from Teddybear-krankenhaus in Germany.

He is a 1950's Steiff teddy and I am sure he has a lot to tell us, not least about his journey to Denmark, stranded as he was in Frankfurt throughout the weekend. Glad he got his scarf with him, so he wouldn`t catch a cold in the transithall.

He has received a slightly makeover at the Krankenhaus, and from now I am sure he will be able to resist all troubles in the future.