Books 'bout Bears

Below are listed the teddy books I own myself.


A highly colourful and fine encychlopedia by Pauline Cockrill.
Most trade marks are gone through scattered in decades.
Many great pics. Furthermore an extensive going through the industrial development of the different manufacturers.
Some labels are shown.


The prequel to the book listed above - also by Pauline Cockrill.
Not quite as comprehensive but lots of other photos.


Here Linda Mullins manage an extensive going through mostly the Steiff Bears history, with a good documentation and hundreds of wonderful photoscenarios with her many teddies.
You can do nothing but envy her that once in the sixties she toured USA buying carloads of teddies for a pittance.!
The only book of Teddy Bears in Danish I am aware of.
Written by Per Cederholm.
The book is a popular introduction of the history of the Teddy Bear and a slight review of different manufacturers bears.


A little out-of date price guide.
However the examples can still give an idea of the price level (published in 2000).
Here the authors have collected lots of wonderful teddies for identification purposes.
Soft cover












In this book Ken Yenke has gathered piles of wonderful photos (of his own teddies) for identification purposes.
As opposed to Mullins who primarily has included photos of Steiff Bears, Yenke has a lot of Bing Bears in this book. But - others are included as well.
Soft cover


More or less like Cockrill's encyclopedia. The contents include examples of the most acknowledged manufacturers, some artist bears and a fine chapter of care and maintenance of the bear collection.
In addition the writer Sue Pearson has set a price for the displayed teddies.
Soft cover.



A small book with a lot of lovely bears.
Written and collected by Judith Miller.
Just as good as any of the above and this one too has pricecategories for the displayed bears.
Soft cover.