Links - Identification

As we know most of the older bears have no labels or other inserted id-features. Often you can have an idea of manufacurer by studying the different shapes of the bear, the stitches, style in generel, placement of ears and many more parameters.

Most manufacturers did not use buttons or labels of any kind so these need to be appraised by the style alone.

But to be able to do so,you may have been working with identifying for many years - and even so, the experts may be wrong now and then I guess.

To make it short - I am no expert - not a bit - but well, I try har to obtain some knowledge.

Things are much easier when a label of a kind has been set into the bear (though even those could be faked).

Anyway, for now - here is a few sites that features with identifying teddies, e.g. makers, model or year:

Steiff - labels and buttons   


Steiff teddybears -  full limited catalogue from 1998 - 2013 but many earlier as well.   


Steff - ID some models


Steiff Ear-tags:

   Yelow/Red: used for unlimited bears


  White/Black: used for limited bears.



   White/Red: used for limited bears.

    For special occasions, countries

    or costumers.


Steiff - more buttons and labels

(Besides Steiff this site has a few other hints for ID of other manugacurers.)


Guide to detecing Steiff fraud


Chad Valley - buttons and labels


Merrythought - buttons and labels


Hermann - buttons and labels

(though not much help here)


and another


Chiltern - labels


How old is the bear - allround