Steiff teddy bear 1905

Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Steiff Approx. 1905     Germany
Size Tags Remarks
42 cm None

60 % mohair

Replaced pads

Repair at heel and on muzzle

Probably original colour: Apricot, now cinnamon

Date of arrival Adopted from  
24. april 2009

Gesamtantiques, W.Yorkshire, UK













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Biography of  Wilhelm......

'Age only makes you even more beautyful' is what one would seem to hear from all the admirers in the cabinet next to his. If it is because the ladies (and the gents)  would like to reside together with this renowned teddy; Wilhelm, I don`t know, but surely he is gorgeous.

When circus performers has been telling stories about life threatening stunts Wilhelm has replied with a 'ja...ja -saw it in Moscow. When pilots are telling about loops, he nods and says 'ja...ja - tried that'. When the gossip sisters tell they could tell about him if he doesn`t behave, he just nods, agreeing and reply that such thing wouldn`t be the first. 'Aber können sie doch gar nichts neues erzählen': he replies.




In generel


5-way jointed. Cinnamon, but probably originally apricot-coloured. Aprox. 60% mohair left.



Sign from a sealed-wax snout. It appears that the snoutstitches are added in several times. A small non-dangerous hole on the upperside of the muzzle. Original bootbutton eyes. Firm head, stuffed with excelsior. Sits a little askew.



Inserted growler, which is inactive.Rather firm body, stuffed with excelsior.


Discs are firm and works well. Shallow filling (excelsior)close to all 4 joints (suppose it is where the bear has been carried?).All 4 pads are changed and the pawstitches seems to be replaced. Left heel has been repaired - a piece of velvet is inserted as enhancement.


The rapairs are carried out rather professionally, without changing the overall appearance of a Steiff bear.