Artistbears - Ziggi B

In 2003 Marie started to make hand made teddies herself. She succeeded in making a number of successful bears and as a result we established a homepage trying to sell Artist Bears on the Web. Actually she succeeded in selling 7 bears of which 4 or 5 was sold to USA, but to reduced prices - prices which hardly covered the most of the materials. And certainly not the working hours - 18 - 20 hours of hard work (and joy) are put into every single bear. So it came to an end except we still get mails from USA with news from the immigrants.

On these sites all the Ziggi B creations except for one are included. They were labelled an embroidered tag: Ziggi B.

So have a look via the thumbnails below


Billy Bridget Eliza Flo
Frederik Ivan & Isabella Laurence Loretta
Margareth Thelma Theodore Jazz

























                                           Ok, this isn`t exactly me, but my dear beloved ones - both of them.

                                                  Rie with one of her own manufactured artist-bears (2006)