Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Ukendt Ultimo 1930's Probably Germany
Size Tags Remarks
38 cm


97 % mohair

Everything is original.

Growler still working

Date of arrival Adopted from  
July 2003

Juja, Germany, e-bay










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Biography of Honeypot

Our own wee pumpkin from Bayern!

Unaffected of all the gossip and all the rows about who to hold the frontseat in the display cabinet, he just sits there, enjoying beeing. The smell of honey, the smell of windflowers, the English Roses - a whif of cowshit from the neighbours field below and not least, the memories of the mountainlakes many years ago in his childhood. All that - and just now and then an obliging smile, makes Honeypot gratify life.




In generel


5-way jointed. Very good condition. Mohair aprox. 95 %.



Muzzle a little crooked. Everything in original. Woodwool-stuffed



Very well preserved.Kapok stuffed..



Joints - especially at the legs are a little loose. All pads are original.



All in all a wonderful and well preserved teddy with loads of character.