Merrythought 1970's


Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Merrythought 1970's UK
Size Tags Remarks

Printed label on foot

95 % mohair

Snout a bit offbeat.


Date of arrival Adopted from  
18. december 2002

Classic collectibles, UK, e-bay










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Biography of Mary-Lou

Mary-Lou is the Nanny of the Cabinet. All day she takes care of all the artistbears which all are one of a kind - not exactly the case of Mary-Lou though she is one of a generation. She is the only bear we have from the seventies and though she doesn`t have this sought-after expression she is well appreciated amongst all the toddlers in the buttomshelf. In fact those artist bears do need quite a lot of attention since they have these ideas in their heads, if you know what I mean.




In generel


5-way jointed. Golden mohair,slightly faded, remains approx. 99 %.


.Snout is slightly crooked and a tiny bare spot on the edge of one ear - otherwise perfect condition. Stuffed with sub or alike.



Everything fine. Stuffed with sub or alike.


Everything fine and original. Stuffed with sub or alike. Sewn printed label on right food: 'Merrythought -Ironbridge - Shropshire-Made in England' .



Pretty good condition but sorry to say, a bit boring seventies teddy.