With the appearance of the web in the nineties and into the next milennium the trade with old teddies increased as well. Of course there has always been trade with old or elder bears but I suppose a few people do envy those persons whom once in the seventies carried out acquisitions all around buying bears for a pittance. Today you will face the the asking price of 1.000 - 2.500 GBP for an old example of e.g. a Steiff Bear.
Sotheby`s and Christie has even had the fall of the hammer at the price of 125.000 GBP!

So... if you sight an old bear you better take him home with you

As you will notice by looking at this site, I have a (little) mix of new and old bears. I guess I am most fond of the old teddies as I can sense their history but I must admit that there are quite many new gorgeous teddies I would like to welcome to my cabinet.