Manufacturer Year of fabrication Country
Robin Rive 2002 New Zealand
Size Tags Remarks
28 cm

Label sewn into back. Print on right foot.

5 swingtags, Limited: 237200. 

100 % mohair



Date of arrival Adopted from  
4. january 2003

Bear shop, Norwich, UK










(see more pictures in the photogallery 2) 


Biography of hope

One day an little Angel came flying all the way from New Zealand and immediately she charmed her way in as the Darling of the whole Cabinet.

Of course it hasn`t lessened her popularity that before she arrived she was employed by Miss Mary, the future Queen of Denmark.


Occasionally she pays a visit at Liza`s mostly to have guidance into the mysteries of love. because...there do seem to be something about this verner.

Something she has never felt before, something that warmth her heart.




In generel


5-way jointed. Creame-white mohair, remains 100 %. In very good condition (and mint if she was slightly cleansed.



Everything original- Firmly stuffed with wool..



Everything original- Firmly stuffed with wool..


Sewn label into the back og printed on right food pad. Hangtag on right arm and 2 hangtags in the back.



Adorable sweet and if she had a light wash she would be mint.